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We will be more than happy to assist you with any concern that you may have with your device. AccuWeather allows users to watch weather videos. What Launcher are you using, Google's or a custom one?

App Widgets Overview

  • Transferring data without draining the battery.
  • Sometimes the problem lies with the servers in Facebook and logging out and in of your account is a way to refresh your connection to the servers.
  • Try clearing the cache and data of the app and see if this resolves the issue.
  • Remember and authenticate users.

You should also follow this up by wiping the cache partition of your phone. Supporting game controllers. Occasionally I'll notice that the temp is way off on my home city. The app gives you access to live webcams.

It also offers a widget that shows climate information in detail. Uninstall and reinstall the weather channel app? So by adding every widget seperately, with a lot of time in between, I could notice that the problem occurred after a while. Information widgets typically display a few crucial information elements that are important to a user and track how that information changes over time. Get started with instant apps.

Performing network operations. Supporting swipe-to-refresh. Find out what app this is and uninstall it. My husband's Incredible is having the same problem, free dating sites don't as was the demo phone at Verizon store when we first went to look at it. Adding search functionality.

Top 6 Best Android Weather Widget App

Building effective unit tests. This lets users complete tasks quicker and extends the functional reach of the app to the home screen. Or is anyone else having this problem?

Appears to be refreshing now. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Now, locate your address on the Google Map manually.

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  1. Preferably cell tower info instead of gps and one that only used data every set interval based on my settings so that it doesn't use data constantly.
  2. The larger widgets display the humidity, pressure, wind speed, climate, etc.
  3. Is the app only compatible with the stock launcher?

Always has the sun on all night and temperature is wrong too. It displays precipitation forecast in real-time and has the option open the weather radar module. We support every Android device that is available in the market today.

News and weather widget not updating

Yet it wont save and it keeps coming unchecked after I exit the widget. Your solution worked for me. It can also show an animation or an image without draining the battery juice. Have you tried changing your launcher? You should also check if the issue exists on both your mobile data connection and on a Wi-Fi connection to eliminate any connectivity related problems.

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Tried the language idea, didn't work. So, it appears that this solution actually fixed the problem rather than simply causing one refresh. Just found out that if you swipe side to side on the Weather Channel's weather app it'll move between your locations. You can change the text font, background color, and icon of the widget generated by this application. Regarding your phone running hot this could mean that a third party app may be aggressively running in the background.

This limits the gesture support that is available in a widget compared to a full-screen app. It essentially combines a control widget with elements of an information widget type. Communicate with wireless devices.

AccuWeather is a beautiful Android app that provides every important detail of the climate of your city. So I got into the Android widget documentation to find out what made the widgets tick. Before installing, I nandroided and backed up my apps. It also lets you go through the weather news of your region. News widget not updating, Reminders widget not refreshing More Less.

She likes to be able to move her apps around. Including the July security patch from a couple of days ago. Protecting against security threats with SafetyNet. Regarding the issue with your Twitter app I also you clear the cache and data of the app.

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Widgets not refreshing (solved ) News wid - Apple Community

Build and test apps for accessibility. Last week, we had shared the list of best Android clock widgets. In San Francisco, wind and rain, constitute alerts. Interacting with control widgets may or may not progress to an associated detail view depending on if the control widget's function generated a data set, such as in the case of a search widget.

News widget was showing news stories from last night that were definitely not still current articles, headlines, etc. Now the large weather animations have disappeared. The app enables you to set a weather information refresh time. It supports weather forecasting. It will be tempting to layout your widgets according to the dimensions of the placement grid of a particular device that you own and develop with.

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The widget doesn't update automatically. Optimizing for Battery Life. If it fails to detect your address, you must enter the name of your city in the text box displayed on the screen.

You can connect using your mobile data however the preferred connection choice for updating your apps is a Wi-Fi connection so as to save on your mobile data bandwidth allowance. My other cities are always still updating. To do so, dating sites in savannah georgia enable location access permission for third-party applications. Testing app component integrations.

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My only question is if anyone knows if it does wetaher alerts like the weather channel widget does. Salesforce bought Tableau. So this week there's a new alert every hour or two. If this is the case then I suggest you clear the cache and data of your Facebook app.

How to Fix Weather Widget Not Updating on iOS 12/11
App Widgets Overview

Users can move widgets across their home screen panels, and, if supported, astro uncle matchmaking resize them to tailor the amount of information within a widget to their preference. Collection widgets can scroll vertically. So probably that widget uses a different updating mechanism or something.

Weather Widget Not Updating Automatically

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Think of an email widget for example, where you need to provide an account before the inbox can be displayed. As you begin planning your widget, think about what kind of widget you're trying to build. Google Play Install Referrer. Maybe it's just my imagination but ever since I started using the Weather Channel app it seems like my battery doesn't last as long. It does load the map but there is never any rain or anything.

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Accuweather widget not updating

My favorite standard feature was the large, Weather Channel animations. Save data in a local database. So I tried the factory reset solution.

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