Aya Yanna Giya Mp3

Adare Dilise Mini Pahana Se. Ape Ahinsaka Adare - Amarasiri Peiris. Awasan Bawayada Sonduriya.

Aya Yanna Giya Karaoke Songs

Aya Yanna Giya Karaoke Songs

Epa Meewitha Mage Muwagata. Parakum Samuduru Rala Pela. Themi Themi Wassa Numba Hadai. Sanhinda - Sinhala Keyboard for iPhone, iPad. Balan Awaraga Pipi Hinahena.

Aya Yanna Giya - Amarasiri Peiris

Irabatu Tharuwata Sal Mal Landa. His career is spanned in to three decades with a classical foundation and outstanding performances. Nannadunana Sulangak - Amarasiri Peiris. Bhawani Dayani Gadaba Kula.

Violin and viola were his main instruments. Please spend seconds of your valuable time for appreciating and motivating if you find this useful.

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Digasiye Digu Neela Nayana. Posted by Tharindu Madushanka. Oba Eda Nam Sanda Wagemai. Academic and Professional Achievements Mr. Risi Witeka Paminenna - Amarasiri Peiris.

Presently Amarasiri is attached to the Dr. Kemadasa, Amarasiri is distinctive singer as he possesses three characteristics such as flexibility in voice, vast knowledge in western and North Indian music and his personality. Habal Gasannata Idak Kadak Na. Contribution He began a new musical journey with Maestro Dr.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Hada Awulana Waki Wadan Liyu. He contributed in many ways to success such programmes and took part in the opera conducted by Dr.

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Ira Handa Yata Obai Mamai. Talents He broadened his knowledge by mastering the native music, North India, Western Music and traditions. Aa Maga Waradi Sandagalathanna. Indeewari Thurunu Hitha Langa. Premasiri Kemadasa was able to make his music life shine better Amarasiri has been instrumental in composing for light music, new creations and songs for the radio programmes.

Rakina Diwisitha Dandubasnamanaya. Specialisation as a Vocalist It is a well known fact that, opportunities for a good violinist to become a good vocalist are high compared to others who involved in the orchestra team. He took part in many foreign delegations to European and Middle-east counties to sing Sinhalese classic songs. His talent was discovered by Maestro Dr.

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The acquaintance of accomplished musician, Maestro Dr. In playing the violin and the viola as well as in singing, Amarasiri has a natural gift but has been allowing the time to pass. He believes that best songs should be consisted of eloquently phrased lyrics complemented by music of high caliber captivated hearts of the public. Nethata Netha Muna Gasunu Da. Iki Gasa Handana Atheethayaka.

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Me Hithata Duka Danena Welawai. He is one of those rare people who are seemingly gifted at his craft, for which songs come naturally, as does playing. Mastery in Instruments In nineteen sixties Amarasiri took part in instrumental music for almost all the films produced.

Kath Kawuruwath Nathi Bawa. Those programme were pioneered in opening doors for large number of blooming new singers, lyric writers, magic bullet for windows and musicians. Premasiri Kemadasa and he was encouraged to become a vocalist.

He sang for films and for teledrama and all those songs became very popular. Rupasinghe Master Rupasinghe and the contemporary musicians such as Mr.