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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Thank you for visiting Tripwire Magazine. Learn how to create a comic book effect in Photoshop. Share your Psd Dude inspired works.

It is really easy to use and customize. Just remember that all my actions are free for personal non commercial use, attribution required. To get this right you often need to do a proper image extraction.

This is a cool tutorial on how to create a line art drawing in Photoshop. It does not need to be in the Photoshop directory. Email Newsletter - Be the first to know about our latest photoshop actions. The result is not rasterized or flatten so all the layers remain intact and the layer styles also.

There are also some adjustment layers added, and you can change their settings to match with your image. Commands within an action can be also toggled on or off, giving you the option to play each command or bypass recorded commands within the action during playback. Free for personal use, for commercial please do ask! Share This Share this post with your friends! The comic action has two verions, one with the original colors saturated and one with a black and white color tone.

Also, the effects scale along with the picture, you can use them on both small and large images. Because many of our resources are free for download, we ask that you give us proper credit with a link back. Download this clouds Photoshop action for free and start creating your own clouds effect.

Download for free this Photoshop reflection action! Home Submit action About Contact Advertise. It is a really cool effect. Would be nice if you let me know! So if you have a custom shape and you want to add it a comic cartoon effect, make sure you rasterize it first.

You can find inspiration and learn how to get it right by checking these Photoshop background tutorials. Today's freebie is a stitched leather Photoshop action that you can use to create leather typography with a stitched border. This tutorial will show you how to give a comic book look to your photos using a couple of filters and some additional decorations. The action can also be used for shapes. Add some clouds brushes after the action is ended and you will obtain great loking results.

Comics Photoshop action by mutato-nomine on DeviantArt

All the layer styles remain intact so you can easily edit this comic book text in terms of color, outline size and so on. We feature thousands of free actions from hundreds of websites.

20 Awesome Photoshop Cartoon Tutorials and Actions Tripwire Magazine

Photoshop Action for speeding up the process of creating a cartoon from an ordinary picture. All you have to do is load the action in Photoshop, open your image and press the play button. Do keep in mind that a great background can make a cartoon illustration stand out and work as the caviar. Do not claim this file as your own.

20 Awesome Photoshop Cartoon Tutorials and Actions Tripwire Magazine

Photoshop Cartoon Actions

Follow the steps below to see how to get this final effect. With your donation you can help us maintain this website and keep producing free resources many months to come! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Open the Actions window from the Window menu and play the action.

Comics Photoshop action by mutato-nomine on DeviantArt

Comics Action Effect 1

My new comics action turns any image into a comic book illustration in just a few seconds. Download this great comics Photoshop action for free and turn your photos into comics illustrations with just a single click. Comics and comic book illustrations are very popular among artists that create these works from scratch using drawing techniques. With powerful graphic tools like Photoshop, garam masala movie the right skills and techniques it is not that hard to turn photos into cool looking cartoon illustrations. If you want to create clouds in Photoshop you simply play the action and the effect in ready in just a few seconds.

Ps-Actions For perfect pictures! The comics action works ok for text layers and also for rasterized shapes. That can be easily obtained in Photoshop using Photoshop actions.

Hope you like the result and don't forget to check out our previous action, the Photoshop halftone action that you can combine with this one. The action works with any text layer, vector shape or rasterized object. This tutorial have a great cartoon result and it is easy to follow due to on screen text. Creating a old comic book effect for your photos is easy and the results are visually appealing. This tutorial teach you how to use only the Pen Tool to make a simple cartoon vector face for avatars or mascots.

About Us We have one of the largest collections of free Photoshop actions on the Web. If you feature our action please link back to us. Choose Load Actions from the Actions palette menu. Some of the tutorials included show you how to do this as well.

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