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The pysics are lightly different by comparing to the PlayStation version. Stay away from the edge in Death Bowl, or the race will be over in a matter of seconds. This not only means your car will flip, roll or turn upside down, but also jump in the air after passing over a bump for example.

The most obvious changes to the second version are the new tracks and the number of bowls for the Destruction Circuit to take place in. Some returning drivers like The General are much improved now, whereas others like Barmy Army are now worse off. Players can also scramble to be the last man standing in four new devastating destruction bowls, including the dreaded Pit. This was hard to balance, but it proved possible to win with each of those strategies.

After all have finished, a league table showing their placings is displayed. The one thing you will notice about this title is that a greater emphasis was placed on the racing aspect of the game. The cars shown in the intro and the cover art though with and without decals are Pontiac Grand Prix Nascars. Most of the races are very competitive, and you are always one good lap away from the front of the pack or one bad spin out away from the back. You race along nicely rendered tracks lined with missing hoods, burning cars, and rolling tires.


In Chalk Canyon, the key to the race is landing the first jump, and not falling into the pit. This mode can be played either as a standard stock car race or a wrecking race. Once you get past the menu system, though, the game's not all that horrible.

In the middle of the bowl you will find a jump that sends you flying. Now all you hear is one indistinct yell. One of the most noticeable improvements is in the tracks themselves.

Some of the background skies and terrains are eerie, raising the level of tension during the race. Forgotten are the times when your car could only stay in a horizontal plane, because now it moves along the Z-axis as well. Graphically, everything licks along at a fair old pace, with a great sensation of speed and with the enjoyably twisty tracks providing some thrilling racing. The game is an overhaul of the original and features ideas that did not make it into the first game including tracks that feature obstacles and improved realism.

An addition to the damage engine is that tyres can now be lost when a car's rear is heavily damaged. If you make it a whole race without loosing your hood, you will be in good shape. We'll just have to sit back and wait to see if the sequel sells more than the original. The backlights are instant lighting red, instead of lighting up at braking. They promise a racer for the PlayStation that'll blow the doors off the original game.

The original Destruction Derby gave players multiple race types, three different cars and a gathering of tracks to explore. In all modes of the game, there are constant car parts flying from incident or purposeful contact. Evel Knievel would really dig it. Despite these criticisms, he complimented the improved graphics and tracks over the original.

Although winnable, it's not nearly as easy in this version to score points by wiping out your fellow drivers. Cars flip and roll, parts fly off after a collision, and disabled opponents litter the tracks. In fact, I don't really have any idea how I scored all the points I did. The Bowl is back, but renamed and refined. In fact, I'm thinking of lowering it.

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The most exciting addition to this version is that the cars can be made to jump off and leave the track. They're much longer up to eight times as long, in some cases and wider. The soundtrack order is also different. Double the Graphics Graphically, Reflections is putting the pedal to the metal. The light sourcing in the background is amazing, but there's too much breakup in the road.

Players will revel in the ability to thrash to the upbeat music as they take out their frustrations on the other racers. Proof of this can easily be seen in the smooth look of the outsides as well as in the in-car detail, such as roll bars and the engines that keep coming uncovered. There are seven all new tracks, of which the last three are gradually unlocked by progressing in Championship. Graphical elements have the same look and feel as the original, making the title truly feel like an extension of the first version. All of the tracks are a blast to race on and every race is different.

The destruction elements in this game in the form of accidents and crashes are very thrilling and really add an attractive look to the game. One of the main criticisms of Destruction Derby were its narrow, tight tracks. So I just played Destruction Derby. This game is a solid title all the way around, if they would just tone the energy level down on the destruction derby. At the time, eastbound and down season 3 this was one of only a handful of games out for the system.

Expect seven tracks plus four Destruction Derby Bowls. In the stock car race, you can stop in the pits and fix damage to your car as often as you like. This optimised version runs at a resolution of x pixels, four times the software resolution.

A brilliant hardcore racing game with action

They also no longer have a branded identity as in Destruction Derby. The strange thing is, I keep going back to it and trying to master it so I guess that says something. The resulting crashes are nothing but spectacular, with realistic effects such as friction sparks, smoke and fire. His main criticism was that he thought the Destruction Derby Practice mode can make players complacent. You can only guess what losing a wheel can do to your car's handling performance.


Play Now Download the full version. Although the basis for the action remains basically similar to the predecessor, the improvements lie mostly in the technical aspects below the surface.

Here we are, a year and a half and over games later, and people who have never played the Playstation who visit me always love Destruction Derby. Some other graphical details were also missing, such as the rear lights making the rear of a car look noticably different and the numbers of the cars are all in black. The team travelled to photograph the textures. Now, developers are into their second- and even third-generation games so they should have a better handle on the Playstation and what it can do. Hits like these can quickly have the player doing nothing more than watching the rest of the racers pass them like they were standing still which they are.

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