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Should have an index or an easier way to navigate. Your email address will not be published. Click the wrench button then click preferences. There are several audio dropouts where the speaker is all but inaudible.

The whole bible read clearly and at the right pace. Photo courtesy of flickr user Rae Whitlock Looking for an easy way to listen to the Bible for free on your terms?

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This is one of the most well read, if not the most well read audio Bible I've found. Each book is chronologically numbered so you can place all the books into a single folder and they still stay in order. All in all, the best I have used so far.

Free ESV spoken bible audio

Can't recommend this product enough! Clear, non distracting audio of the well-translated English Standard Version of God's Holy scriptures. All-in-all, er accelerator software I'm in love with this audio book!

Free ESV spoken bible audio

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Unrestricted available worldwide. Importantly, Heath doesn't over dramatize. The sound is clear and professional and the speaker does a very good job at delivering the narration that makes it easy to follow along and understand.

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And as an added bonus you can follow a daily reading plan via audio too. Hope it sounds good on ipod, like it does on computer. It is difficult to move from book to book by scrolling each file.

You have to play Psalms and then skip tracks, since every chapter has a marker. Heath seems to have been re-recorded by another reader because the tonality and timbre of the voice is quite different. Far better to listen to in the car than most of the trash that's on the radio, and a far better use of your time during long car rides. Click on the search engine icon next to the search box.

Listen to a Daily Bible Reading Plan And as an added bonus you can follow a daily reading plan via audio too. This audio bible is one of the best purchases I've ever made.

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If you want to listen to a particular chapter of the Bible, it will take some patience as you try to find it in the middle of a file. Using this feature you can get to the audio of any passages you want in just a few simple steps. You can quickly listen to the verse s you want from Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. There is no way to navigate through the books or chapters other than skipping chapter by chapter.

The file size of the entire book has been daunting, particularly downloading one file at a time. The gentleman reading has a great voice as well. Very clear recording and no distracting music which music would have been ok.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In terms of increasing biblical knowledge this is essential. Both have their advantages. My favorite part is that there is no background music or drama.

On the other hand, I have listened to quite a few audio book series, and have never heard any with as many consistency problems as the audio Bible. Notify me of new posts by email. Everything about David Cochran Heath's reading is as good as could possibly be. This left me wondering wondering what it is that I have.

The process for Internet Explorer is about the same as Firefox. My sincere apology to the staff of christianaudio. It is clear, professional, and at just the right pace to be able to comprehend what is being read.

This post became a big undertaking. It really helps to focus on the text, without the reader causing any distractions. You may also be interested in the following product s God's Story Crossway. One difference is the drop-down arrow to the right of the search box will change colors to let you know there is a search engine available on the page. And now, I sent it wirelessly to any music system in the house using Apple's new airplay feature.