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It was officially released in October for public use. Since then it has been love for many people. It is Preceded by Windows and succeeded by Windows Vista. The Remote Desktop has more stable and rich-featured which helps you to control the client desktop for troubleshooting or fixing any problem and help to provide a better solution.

Product is well admired for its stability and exceptional performance. You can create your favorite songs list and able to play your list anytime. Windows Explorer had improved a loot, which has two columns layout.

Predefined Colors Background Image. If user install the devices drivers which causes any system instability it has the option to rollback the driver installation. Graphical user interface enhanced and got a new awesome look. On left side drives shortcut and on right side folder details, creating time, size and other attributes are shown.

Windows XP Introduction

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This feature is very helpful to recover your data. It has always been useful for everyone, whoever whenever used it.

The latter two are which, I will write about in this section here. Text to speech option was introduced, followed by voice pitch, speed and other important attributes. It will allow you to use game-saving mode on your system.

Also, in Windows Explorer user easily sorts the files using the details view option. It has a faster internet performance as compared to the previous versions. That is really appreciable. Although it sure is the best, still classics stay classics.

Windows XP Introduction

Thank you for Providing Iso file. It has a less crashing as compared to the previous version. It has a Windows Media player with the more attractive user interface and supports more audio, and video files extension as compared to before.

Key features of Windows XP Professional

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Task manager shows the currently running application, with the option to close the running application or lock the taskbar. However, this release has been put behind the scenes due to its conventional windows startup and lacking advanced features.

And, which would get a few more eyeballs glued to it. Drivers Are Included within the package.

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You are able to hibernate your system. And, there you see, this was all about it. So, go ahead, read these and find out. Notify me of new posts by email. Microsoft search companion is more helpful when you want to search file.

Welcome to our freeware, shareware, software portal. After the disappointment, which a few of the earlier versions of the Microsoft Windows were, odp to ppt converter Microsoft planned to bring out something which would be a bit more stable. It is more secure as compared to Windows and has much more feature which you can read on the official website.

Device manager let you install or update your favorite hardware device drivers by searching it online. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

About Us - Our Motive - Sitemap. One of the most famous operating system in the world. Start menu lets you run your most favorite programmes like media player, games and more with the click of a button. Although, as you should realise that this is not a Full Tutorial or something, you might have to mail me for any specific queries. Below we list some of the considerable features of product to sort out what its all about in a glimpse.

There are many other Features which you should know of. But still, some large organization use this operating system and Microsoft supporting them too. Anyway, to Download, scroll down a bit, and check out the Links. You may lock the taskbar which prevents it from accidentally deleting any running application. The reason is simple, simplicity and comprehensiveness.

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Operating System is the core element of any computer System. Please tell me the usb procedure. Anyway, let us get started for now. User can easily view the currently running application using taskbar feature. My laptop doesnt have a cd drive.

It has the security updated feature that keeps the computer virus free and protected from harmful attack. If while introducing you experience any.