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Spell out on first reference. In contrast, hit bottom means something has fallen to its worst level and may stay there unless other factors come into play. We could ask questions all day. Spell out on second reference. He does blush when they dance together, though.

The two countries have jointly developed special economic zones on the Hwanggumpyong and Wihwa islands along the river. Rogue One depicts a certain chemistry between Jyn and Cassian, which culminates in an intense Held Gaze during an elevator ride that leaves a lot of things left unspoken.

Many self-propelled artillery systems have turrets that traverse degrees like that of a tank. But wait had anyone actually said that the two of them are together, or are you just assuming? The closest instance being Takaki's concern during the time of Yuuka's capture. Gimpo airport, Gimpo International Airport. Comic Books The Harvey Comics Casper the Friendly Ghost series has Casper and Wendy, when the two cross over, as inseparable best friends who have been so since time out of mind.

It's been clearly established by Word of God that they are best friends by the end of the movie. Duke and Hikaru clearly cared for each other and loved spending time together, but it was never explicitly stated they were together. Even the writers, producers, and voice actors can't agree. Do not confuse with output, which means the amount a given machine or facility actually produces per unit of time.

They were spotted dating at Sinsa-dong. Use quotes and define on first reference. Do not use United Kingdom unless it is used in quotes or as part of a proper name. Of course, we never get confirmed non-platonic-ness.

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But he also once talked about his ideal condition for dating, gorod tachek online dating where he said that he would like to be friends before dating someone. Even their agencies confirmed their dating and said they are in a good relationship. He added that he would like to know about the woman before dating.

According to the reports, Jun was so heavy-hearted that he cut off his communication with fellow members for a few weeks. Although they were strongly attached with each other, their relationship had an unforeseen ending which left both heartbroken. They never quite reach the Official Couple status, but most fans take that status for granted. Capitalize the titles of laws and bills when part of a full name.

It even went as far as to give them a Maybe Ever After. By the end of the manga, almost all of the couples are definitively resolved one way or another. In poetry, capital letters are used for the first words of some phrases that would not be capitalized in prose. The new drive can read up to megabytes of data per second.

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Chinese names Use the Pinyin spelling for Chinese names from mainland China. In other continuities they did become Official Couple on panel, though.

Gajeel remaining Oblivious to Love is much more played up. Branch is heavily implied to be in love with Poppy, and she seems to reciprocate by the end of the movie, but in the end nothing is confirmed.

Capitalize constitution when referring to a document outlining the basic principles and laws of a country only after it has been approved. Refers to computer memory. Capitalize and spell out such formal titles as dean, president, chancellor, chairman, etc. Many Koreans take long trips to their hometowns on Chuseok to visit family and pay homage to ancestors.

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There were rumors in on social media that Jun Jin is in a relationship with actress Yoon Jin Yi as they were spotted together while celebrating vacations. The exact nature of Takaki's relationship with Yuuka is ambiguous enough that it borders on being a case of Hide Your Lesbians. In short, they are enjoying their valuable time with each other.

These are cheaper to produce than self-propelled artillery systems but are more vulnerable to counter-battery fire. Setsuna and Marina are more like Platonic Life-Partners. Shinhwa made many success and achievements.

It is the longest-running boy band in the history of K-pop in South Korea. Gajeel and Levi, especially in later arcs. Big Two, Big Three Always capitalize bioethanol Typically produced from sugarcane, switch grass, corn or grain, bioethanol is often blended with gasoline to fuel cars. Rin's observations and Kagura's thoughts imply that Kagura's in love with Sesshomaru.

This shows his seriousness to work, which he always placed first before relationships. All but outright stated in Roger and R. These guns are usually of smaller caliber than howitzers and are employed to combat armored vehicles and destroy bunkers. The Constitution stipulates, A draft constitution was presented for debate.

Who Has a Girlfriend in Shinhwa?

It is obvious that Lee is clever to catch hot chicks! See accused of, arrest, indict.