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According to the records, it is possible that she is currently single. The show was successful and they were involved in a sizzling onscreen chemistry. Being one of the earliest love teams who touches the hearts of many K-drama lovers, these two never failed to make the viewers laugh, cry, and feel the love. Vote for your favorite K-Drama on the poll!

But their agencies denied the rumors and confirming that the two remained good friends. Playing the rich, smart, and charismatic role of Kim Tan, Min Ho has perfectly acted in the drama, as well as the innocent-looking Shin Hye, who played as Cha Eun Sang. We have reached the end of the countdown.

Their story follows the common rich and poor teenagers who fell in love despite the social differences. Fans can't get over from the playful yet mysterious personality of Yeorim, and the tough-looking handsome guy Geol Oh.

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Lee Min-Ho Profile

And, who can forget the very passionate kiss they shared on the screen, which makes us think twice if they're dating in real life? Read details about her present and past relationship and vote below for your favorite match for beautiful Park Shin Hye. Follow Park Shin Hye official Instagram and Twitter account to get updated about her latest boyfriend and love life happenings. Choi Tae Joon is studying theater in the university, while Park has been enrolled for the drama course and they maintain good relations like students who are studying in the same college. And who would believe that inside a scary emergency room hides the most beautiful doctor?

Their agencies slammed the rumors speedily and labeled their relationship as just close friends. She has failed to clarify about her married life, boyfriend, spouse, and affair till now.

Because of this, many fans believed that they are the best second-lead romantic couples in K-drama history. While filming the drama, it is reported that the two became very close friends. Among the many popular K-dramas, here are the best couples and love teams we've seen so far. Who is your favorite K-drama couple?

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Or Do Min Joon's sad farewell to his girl in the planet Earth? So, unfortunately, it is impossible for them to reprise their roles for the second season.

Right now, there are many fans who are wishing that the series get a second season. However, director Jang pointed out that the possibility of Kim and Jun, taking the lead role again remains hazy. Because of their mysterious and questionable history, fans have speculated that the two shares a hidden romantic relationship.

Because of their perfect chemistry, fans are speculating that they are not just dating on the small screen, but also dating in real life. Park Shin Hye Boyfriends List and Dating Like many actresses, Park Shin Hye had a long list of ex boyfriends who she dated secretly as it could affect her fan following. Chasing like a wildfire in the forest are the rumors that the two are actually dating each other, netian online dating after hitting the showbiz headlines for quite some time.

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Have you watched them all? She currently prefers to focus on her work and it seems that she lacks time for love affairs.

Hyun Bin hang outs with Ha Ji Won in his personal time. Just like what the song suggests, the two played the role of being a family under one roof, however there are many troubles and difficulties. It is interesting to know how amazing these two are, even after the filming for the drama has ended.

The one that made our hearts pound, lips smile, eyes twinkle, and emotions touch. The two look so lovely together, and it is revealed that they are very good friends in real life. Sure enough, they are both comical, serious, and romantic, which makes the viewers go crazy as they feel the surging love from the small screen. Ji Won even mentioned in that Hyun Bin is the closest among her actor friends. With Yoon Eun Hye's cheerful personality and Gong Yoo's smart charisma, they both look good together like a well-blended coffee that tastes so good.

Seeing the sweet chemistry of the leading man and leading lady in a series will make us wish that they were really couples in real life. Who knows when their friendship can go something into a different level as time goes by? That's Kang Mo Yeon's pretty power, that even hiding in the mask and wearing the doctor's gown, Yoo Si Jin still sees her as the sexiest in the hospital.

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It was a very refreshing feel. The couple faced many obstacles, such as the alleged love triangle involving HaHa, and Song Joong Ki in the first episodes making Gary jealous.

Videos of them in Korea have appeared, and they were spotted together in England and Hawaii.

Is Park Hyung Sik Dating Now? Who is his girlfriend?

This drama has become hit because of its pure, heartwarming, and gentle story. It is also noticeable that every time she is being asked about him, she would shyly smile. Song Joong Ki's acting was so convincing that even a non-K-drama lover will definitely go gaga over him. Upon hearing the news, many fans are devastated that the Monday Couple won't last forever.

Who would have thought that a sweet-looking guy like Yoo Si Jin is actually a tough soldier, and not just an ordinary soldier but a Captain of the Special Forces? Lately, Gong Yoo recalls his wonderful time when filming the drama. They are the best couple on-screen that will give you the best laugh ever.