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In order not to change sequence, structure and story of the Largo comics has been published as it is with kissing scenes unedited which is not acceptable for us and for our Indian culture. As usual, Tex Willer comes on top and puts an end to the egoistic maniac, thus bringing the mini series to an end. ComicsBlips Comics Blog Rankings. Vijayan is said to have announced that he is going to publish the next two albums but our request to the editor is to publish all the stories in series. After the Annual, Then came the Diwali Special.

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It is published exclusively and only in Tamil Language that too in Indian Language. Almost all of the stories published are Tamil translations of primarily European and rarely some American comic series, including those from the British Comics Publisher of the same name - Lion.

The reason for Masking the Address of the ComiRade is to lessen the Hindrances that arise once your identity is published in any media. Redirected from Lion comics. The Rest was a Tough Choice. When Deccan Chronicle Launched in Chennai, it actually gave a new way of Looking and reading things, which we normally would not notice. Anyways, all of us know that whatever decision you take will be good for our own comics.


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The teen genre was also gaining interest. Of Pages as compared from the regular issues. That's my subscription is been rolling against.

Nov 23 2008

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There were Couple of Sporty and Buster were there also. Moreover, a publishing company does need an Official website for sure. James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. Lion Comics was a creation of Mr. Dear Anony, As much as I hate to cut off your enthusiasm, it's my duty to update you that Mr.

On the Lion part, True, the pages could be the reason why the series are missed out for the second issue. Old issues of Lion and Muthu comics were stacked up in their warehouse at Sivakasi, which used to be a cynosure of eyes for those who visit the place. Aptly named as Century Special and the Advertisements were in the true sense of Lion Comics with Synopsis and the Core group was also encouraging. For selecting such a good stories and translating them into Tamil in order to give a fantastic comics, we, the Tamil Comics world has to thank Mr. You can pick up any of the scans listed in this blog with Hotline or ComicsTime, and you will know the details for the same, permanent magnet synchronous and brushless dc motor drives including the email-id.

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About Comics Books Tamil Comics. Where comics shops are available in chennai.

Good to know that you and others have liked it so far. Hi, Any guidance in subscribing to lion comics is mostly welcome. The current publishing company which owns Tex and other famous Italian characters is named after Bonelli Jr. When the advertisements were out, the expectation meter soared to a Possible Maximum and people were waiting to get it on their Hands. Add to that the Posters were sent to the ComiRades who wrote to the Lion Comics office requesting them.

On the other end, Tex battles a life or death situation, in a Wild Challenge issued by rebel Orso Vellace, who tries to salvage his damaged prestige among their tribe. It's said that Bonelli had thought about having a spin-off with Kit Willer as the lead, but he decided against it, and had him as the understudy of Tex throughout. Hi folks, This is quite an awesome blog! Personally also, This book turned out to be a Disaster. It was a Breadth of fresh air when this particular special was announced and it was a Immediate Hit the moment the Stories were disclosed.

Perhaps one of the most important impacts of the Golden Age was the cementation of the comic as a mainstream artform, with its own defined language and creative conventions. In most of the stories, we see that when the team splits it is normally with the same pair. There is no doubt that the comics loving world will accept and welcome them with two hands. Summer Special-Jun Tiger Joe. The amount of time I put forward in my blog for our beloved comics, is no-way can be compared to the great effort you put towards bringing our favorite comics in our mother tongue, Tamil.

First of all, to clarify few thoughts among friends, that I tried to post and boast about the achievements of Mr. He is fighting the hurdle on his travel adventures one side and on the other hand he fights Winch Groups enemies.

Vijayan, I am Honored to have your surprise presence in my humble blog. It was Not a Special, per se. Even though the Promos were good, somehow the other, this Special was Not that Inspiring.

In the Review Of this Book, one of the letters to the Editor also pointed out the same. While the website is not maintained up-to-date, he is more regular in his blog, often reviewing the old titles, and sharing the news on the upcoming ones. Dreams becomes true, imaginations becomes epic. Science fiction and Western-themed comics were some of the new styles of story-telling that started to appear. She therefore called Galleppini, and entrusted the texts to her ex-husband, Bonelli.

Eventhough Gallepinni was chief artist for the series for a long t ime, he was ably assisted by a team of artists due to his illness, and volume of work. However, apart from your blog, we do not get such updates anywhere else. Yours Truly is yet to forgive him for that and even though he is still in sight and Got blessed with a Baby Girl last Year.

Tea Bonelli wished to re-open her publishing house and create new comic series. Well, this turned out to be another big post, so let me put a stop to it, and meet you all in the next post. The current issue of Lion Comics, is their biggest venture yet.