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At their return, Rubin gives the player the time of the meeting between Solano and Blanco, but doesn't know the location of the meeting. After fighting through Solano's heavier defenses, the player uses the nuclear bunker buster to blast open an entrance. The end cutscene does not change, however. Around this time, the player can choose to work with a faction of Jamaican-based pirate smugglers operating in the islands of the north section of Lake Maracaibo.

The impressive and waiting for the next version of Pandemic Mercenaries yet never disappear in the minds of a large gamer. But once Carmona is rescued, Solano attempts to murder the player to avoid paying and to make sure there is no one to interfere with his plans. The Chinese then occupy the city for themselves. Guerilla and appeared with Crysis graphics and physics engine excellence. Both factions battle for control of Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, cisa course material and the oil supply.

The first contract involves stopping the Chinese bombardment on the city using both artillery and boats. Peng tells the mercenary that in his first contract, he must rescue the soldier, and for a bonus, destroy the three key Allied-controlled buildings in the city. The player meets with Joyce, who gives them the money promised but refuses to hand over the nuke. Soon after, the faction pays the mercenary to take various outposts around the city.

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After repelling the attack and verifying Carmona, it is revealed that sinking the oil platform triggered an international response. The merc shoots Solano then bails out of the helicopter. The game was subsequently canceled. China invades Venezuela to secure another source of oil to meet their growing demand. Eventually, the mercenary makes their way to the castle and verifies Peng, saving the Allies from major defeat in the region.

World in Flames is set in August in Venezuela. Ending The player returns to Solano's bunker in a second attempt to destroy it. Newer Post Older Post Home. The final contract is to stop the impending Chinese invasion of Caracas.

The player confronts Solano, with Solano begging for his life. Peng is ordered by Chinese superiors to return to China, and wishes the mercenary the best of luck with their final mission. Solano almost escapes the ruins in a helicopter, before the player hijacks it and kills the pilot. The player uses weapons and air strikes supplied by Solano to assault the fortress and rescue Carmona.

Solano then broadcasts over the city that if Allied troops do not evacuate the country immediately, more destruction will follow. The mercenary first works for Universal Petroleum in the city of Maracaibo.

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Chinese plotline China invades Venezuela to secure another source of oil to meet their growing demand. After this, they meet with General Peng, who was promoted after his successful campaign in North Korea. The faction is backed by China, which is intent on gaining oil rights. To Peng's annoyance, the Chinese are ordered to halt operations until the soldier is saved.

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Peng reveals he is glad the mercenary is back, and offers him a series of contracts in exchange for a nuclear weapon. The mercenary levels the buildings, leaving only ruins. Solano then broadcasts over the city that if Chinese troops do not withdraw from the country, more devastation will follow. Joyce is told by his superiors he must retreat back to America, and gives the mercenary the weapon to stop Solano. This chaos drives people from their homes and causes widespread property damage.

The player is greeted by a man named Blanco, who worked with the player in the past. The Chinese take control of Margarita, an island in the northeast portion of the map, and the outskirts of the Allied-controlled city of Caracas. The story begins as the player approaches businessman Ramon Solano's villa.

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