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Currently the game is not equipped for multi-lingual use on the chat line. You've agreed to follow them so you will simply be muted if you continue to disregard requests or reminders to stop something. If you are found to have created another account the secondary account will be blocked and your primary account may be banned as well. Let the moderators handle the rude individual.

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The use of programs to automatically enter shows, make tack or or any other scripting program is strictly forbidden. Do not use the chat for such things. Feel free to answer game questions if you see them asked and know the answer. Do not exchange personal information of any kind. There is usually one close by even if you don't see them on the chat.

You do not need to know this information to visit with others and play the game. Do not ask for gender or if there are any boys or girls on chat.

Inappropriate names are likely to get you banned, hp-ux training center in bangalore dating depending on the severity. They are in place for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. They have many posts and things to keep track of and do not have time to argue with you over your thoughts on the rules.

Do not use inappropriate names for anything in the game. Be polite to others or you may end up muted and unable to talk on the chat. Normal text can be read just fine there is no need for all caps. The moderators can deal with any situation necessary. If this is not an option for you then enjoy the game without using the chat line.

It is heavily moderated by both an automated censor and adults that spend time to make sure the game is enjoyable for everyone. Sticky caps and alternating caps are extremely hard to read in an active chat format. This game is based around its friendly atmosphere and such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Do not roleplay on the chat. Do not direct or try to moderate others on what to do.

If you constantly repeat the same ad the automatic censor will likely ban your for a while for spamming. Do not discuss issues not suitable for all ages.

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Game Rules Do not create more than one account. Be patient and courteous with others. The common questions are coming from beginners on the beginner chat indicated by a blue b in front of their name.

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If you repeatedly boss others around and become a problem yourself in doing so you will likely be muted. Make every effort to spell words correctly so that others can understand you. It is considered shouting and rude to use all caps on a chat. For the safety of everyone on the game, you are not allowed to ask for or give out any personal information.

The following rules are for both the chat and the rest of the game. If someone is rude do not become rude back. Let the moderators handled everything. Do not argue or continue to do it. Use common english spelling on the chat.

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Do not spam or flood the chat. The trade line is there for you to use just for these purposes. You will simply be muted and unable to chat. You do not have to like them but you do have to follow them or your privileges to talk or play the game can and will be revoked.

This is in fact very helpful and anyone who knows the answer to a game question can answer. Listen to the moderators If you are asked to stop doing something or a moderator is trying to help you understand that you are breaking a rule of the game.

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Browse Adult Personals in California - The Golden State