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It has a special use at one point in the game. In the old game, walking could get you past spikes. Play control in this game is a mite awkward. The two guards on gate control each step on a pressure plate to open the door. Note the green potion on your right.

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Flip it, and the alcove opens. Pull yourself on the edge and you are on a narrow platform with a green potion. Next, face towards the left, back up as far as you can on the platform, and leap out towards the wall. Lightly-poisoned darts shoot out of the wall if you do. You'll see a platform on your right, and a pressure plate in front of a gate to your left.

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Eventually, you'll see a side passage to the right, which has a blue potion. The battle with the Assassin is tough, because you'll have to learn to deal with a knife wielder. You have a couple of options. Having the double blades is better than having one, as you can parry a blow with one, and then quickly strike with the other.

Once he's dead, pick up the potion he leaves behind, hop onto the balcony behind him and head for the double doors to finish! You'll notice an Assassin has seen you. Arrow itself hits for one life bottle, but the wasps can hit the enemy for up to three more. Climb down the platforms walk backwards off them and you'll climb down, and proceed through the now open door.

Prince of Persia Arabian Nights for Dreamcast - GameFAQs

There will be an interesting-looking pool in front of you, with tusks poking out of it. Use the rope to get down the well at the start. As soon as you get underway, a sword-wielding Darkhold Assassin descends on the boat. The longbow was made to be a sniper's weapon. The only way for you to go would be the cell area to the left.

Potions Well, they've come up with an excuse. Another commonplace trap is a dart trap. Across the way, on the next ledge, is another plate that'll activate another dart shooter.

The Prince escapes the dungeon, and it is revealed that the Sultan of Persia promised Assan many years ago that his daughter would marry Assan's son, Rugnor, not the Prince. The Sultan apologizes to the Prince, stating he had no right to marry the Princess to him, valu marathi full movie and promising any other woman in the kingdom.

Don't move too far, though, as there's a rotating blade trap. It's at the far end of this dock system, and tough to miss.

Push it one space to the right side of the tower, and push it towards the tower the rest of the way. Look to the side of the drawbridge that has the guard patrolling. Once Old Guy's dead, walk over to the grate and press the Action key to open it.

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Continue down the hall and outside. Jump over to the moving box as it slides towards you. Work your way up to the roof. Fortunately, your agile and can automatically avoid the extra holes in your person. These blades are incredibly fast, which is good, because you'll be fighting a long time with their low power, and you'll be right in your enemies face with their reach.

With a silent song, you'll raise the rope It's magic, baby! Is today not your daughter's twenty-first birthday? Drinking this potion will make you immune to all arrow attacks for a limited time, it's better than becoming a human pincushion I s'pose. You'll come to a corridor with two side rooms.

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This will, through a rope mechanism, raise the entire wall and you with it. Climb up, and claim your prize.

So, run right in and jump past the Assassin. Of course, you knew the Prince would still rely on his trusty scimitar to ventilate his enemies. Hop up onto the outer ledge and take the exit out of the room. Gee, wonder what happens if you get too close? You'll see a platform opposite you that has an Assassin patrolling it.

Assan runs, but the Prince decides to pursue Rugnor, who has taken the Princess of Persia captive. Arabian Nights will immerse the player into the magical world of the Middle East. This is not Arabian nights for Dreamcast. Arabian Nights must be the most rare Prince of Persia game ever.

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Walk your way around, avoiding the plates, and head towards the doorway leading outside. These can be deceptively simple, brutally grotesque, or exceedingly showy. Naturally, this is where the potion comes in.

What is it with people and their thinking they can stop you with gates? They can't block, so you can slash away with abandon to kill them. You should never enter a direct confrontation with your bow in hand. Swing across, and in the next room, walk around the ledge and push the vase into the lower room. This will open a door back in that three-exit room.

Archers perch in high places and let loose standard arrows down on you. Face him and side-hop down to the lower floor.

He makes his way through the temple and reaches Rugnor, who is still trying to make the Princess marry him. The Prince then escapes with the Princess, via a flying beast, but the Prince takes the Princess in the opposite direction of Persia, rather than towards it.


Prince of Persia - Arabian Nights (USA) ISO DC ISOs

To get inside, you'll need to get under it. Once you finish the Assassin, climb up the ledge at the far end. You can scale the box and then the tower. First, let's kill the thug down the small alley to the right. So climb up there however you can there are several ways and look inside.