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His refusal caused rivalry with a local politician. Shamsher Anil Kapoor is the head of this family and Sikander Salman Khan is the kind-hearted and wise member. Rajiv hires the same hitman who had attempted to murder Ronny at the beginning to kill Sonia, revealing that he had been behind the first murder attempt, too. One day, during an ambush on arms truck which was owned by Ranchor's company, Vijendar Singh's Manav Vij son Anurag Arora was killed by Ranchor's gunshot. Shamsher entrusts this task to Sikander and the other family members.

His only contributions to the movie are his various shirtless scenes. An old-fashioned romantic tells his personal love story to a modern man who has just broken up with his girlfriend. Official Facebook Official Twitter. Almost all of them are shamelessly recycled from Hollywood. Sikander reveals that in Beijing he fell in love with a girl named Jessica Jacqueline Fernandez who severed ties with him.

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Just as the hitman is about to kill her, Ronny reappears and rescues her, killing the hitman in the process. Best Female Playback Singer.

Race 2 Movie Songs 3200 Kbps Pagalworld

Shamsher appoints Sikander for the recovery of the hard disk, and he promises him to get back the disk. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the end, Ronny collects the insurance money from Rajiv and Sophia's death, along with the money from his own fake-death.

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They then plan to apparently kill Rajiv, using his own plan against him. In another twist, Sophia was in on the plan all along and is Rajiv's secret collaborator. International Indian Film Academy Awards. As per his instructions, Sonia seduces Ronny who confesses he loved her all along.

India portal Film portal Bollywood portal. What happens next forms the rest of the film. Sikander, the twins, Yash and Jessica execute the mission to recover the hard disk. One of the best qualities of the first movie were its twists. Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Asin.

Rather, it contained only one video of Sikander's mother. Has love really ever changed? They pretend to get married and Rajiv ignores Sonia in this fake-marriage while continuing to play an alcoholic. Theatrical release poster.

Later, when Rajiv and Sophia plan to celebrate, Ronny appears and confronts them. This visible disparity causes the twins to hate Sikander evenmore as Shamsher preferred Sikander more than the twins.

Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Ronny immediately stops dating Sonia so that Rajiv can have her.

When Ronny loses money in a race because his jockey had been bribed by Kabir, Ronny plants a bomb in the jockey's car and kills him, showing Ronny to be a ruthless businessman. Discovering that Rajiv's hatred towards him as a half brother was his main reason for doing this, hastrekha book in hindi he allows Rajiv one last chance to win by agreeing to a car race. Race Theatrical release poster. Producers Guild Film Awards.

Race 2 Songs

Yash teams up with Sikander against the twins but pretends to be with the twins as well. This movie is an insult to the human senses. International Business Times, India Edition.

Both the Singh brothers used to supply weapons to Indian army. Sikander and Jessica meet privately in the security room. The overdose of stylish sequences drag the movie even more. Audible Download Audio Books. However, it turns out Ronny was aware of the plan all along as Sonia had been keeping him updated, having always been in league with him.

The action sequences are too long and the comedy is very poor. Best Male Playback Singer. Its all too obvious and predictable.

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This time it's Pehli Nazar Mein. Rajiv and Sonia begin dating and appear happy until, in a twist, Rajiv reveals he knows of Sonia's shady past and has a plan to use Sonia to his advantage. You can help by adding to it.

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Race 2 Songs

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