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CD Review Ilaiyaraaja / Thiruvasagam

Collection of classical hymns on Lord Shiva written by poet sage Manickavasagar. The choral passages are impressive and the sacred mantras of Shiva sound quite breathtaking.

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There have been other more serious works in this line too, notably in recent times by L. State University of New York Press.

Noted Tamil film music composer Ilayaraja had composed Thiruvasagam in Symphony from the verses of Manikkavasagar's Thiruvasakam as a tribute to the saint and the Tamil itself. All songs are orchestral renditions of the verses of Thiruvasagam. We have a responsibility to tell the youth in a way they can understand about the greatness of literary and religious masterpieces like Thiruvasagam. Btw in most places what you identify the voice of Madhu Balakrishnan is that of Ilayaraja himself! Considering ilayaraja came from a remote place and born as a Lower Caste, easy radio his achievements are something no one can dream off.

Rather than ending in fireworks the piece ends calmly and almost abruptly leaving the listener humming away the last movements infectious theme for the rest of the day. The ancestors of the Brahmins of the Thai Royal Household are thought to have emigrated from Rameswaram to Thailand centuries back.

Tamil Maiyam is seeking to mobilise funds primarily to repay loans through sponsorships and sales in the domestic and international markets. May you have the grace of Lord Shiva to successfully memorize all of the lines.

At the moment I am living in R. Victory to the foot of the King, who soothed my soul's unrest and made me His!

The stage is set for worship of an ancient deity. The Budapest Symphony Orchestra has showered praise on the maestro. To get finndian delivered by email free of charge click here. Ilayaraja's work in the project has been truly inspirational and monumental, according to Fr Jasper and those associated with the work globally.


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Puttril Vazh Aravaun Anjen - Ilayaraja. Recreated as the first Indian Oratorio by music maestro Ilaiyaraaja. Ilaiyaraaja is indeed unique among composers and i feel i have a lifetime ahead exploring his music.

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CD Review Ilaiyaraaja / Thiruvasagam

Especially for Indian audiences who have not all acquired a taste for western classical singing this is probably a good choice and surely intentional of Ilaiyaraaja. Some decades ago Ravi Shankar also composed his Concertos for Sitar and orchestra, which are certainly worth a listen, as are the orchestral works of Amjad Ali Khan. Remember that all material on these pages fall under the Creative Commons License. Victory to the jewelled foot of Pinnagan, who severs continuity of birth!

Victory to the flower-foot of Him Who is far from those without! This is music for the ears.

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The songs have been rendered by Ilayaraja and Bhavatharini, his daughter, among others. Tiruvempavai songs were composed in Annamalaiyar Temple.