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Do you remember the love-filled days when the thrills were coming a mile a minute? There were some thrills that I knew in those early years that maybe I've been missing lately.

And Christ knows that the cooling of first love is the forerunner to spiritual apathy. Grace Church continually is a burden on my heart. And we demand purity of doctrine, just like they did. Remember when you had a burning zeal and you were faithful in your Bible study and faithful in your prayer life and faithful in attending. Spend a few moments in prayer and just take your heart to the Lord.

And it wasn't orthodox by being in the right environment. They were also commended for one other thing, and I think this is important, too. In fact, you can look at a church and almost fit it into one or another of these sort of model churches.

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This is limited audio demo

The Thrill Is Gone

It had been founded by the Apostle Paul Himself. They worked hard at it like we do. It was the most sacred place in the ancient Greco-Roman world because Artemis or Diana was the most sacred goddess in the ancient Greco-Roman world. Remember when you prayed every day? And you know where the church of Ephesus is today?

And, you know, I talk to pastors all the time who get people started on something but everybody kind of peters out somewhere along the line. Remember when every time there was a need for volunteers you showed up? And I want to draw some parallels. There's a fourth thing for which He commends them. If there's sin there, confess it.

And as He moves amidst the churches, He finds out what they need. The Lord sensed this in another church and wrote about it in the second chapter of Revelation.

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And again it's very much like our church. So what do we know from the church at Ephesus? And only those teachers were welcome who had proven faithful to the Word of God in life and in doctrine.

The Thrill Is Gone - Success Training Institute

One of the seven wonders of the world was a Temple of Diana or Artemis and it was in the city of Ephesus. These are not weak sisters. In fact, it was the revival that caused the riot. Remember when you felt the church couldn't make it unless you were faithful? It's a very common word in the New Testament, the verb form is kopiao and I've suggested that to you on many occasions, it means to work very hard.

Maybe you crank out your class but the thrill is gone. You're not a comet, you're not a shooting star, burns up a lot of energy real quick, here and gone. You see, defection spiritually always begins with forgetting and Ephesus was now into the second generation and the first generation zeal was gone. And here the idea is you've gone through rejection, persecution and you didn't faint and you didn't quit, 3d skateboard games full you didn't even grow weary.

Well it's so easy, you know. The church was born with dynamic. Help Grace to You bring important resources like this to people in your community and beyond, free of charge. People were so excited about what was being heard in Ephesus that they touched all these other cities and the seven churches of Asia Minor were born as a result of it.

This church was not orthodox by birth and it was not orthodox by denominational creed. If somebody comes along and says they're an apostle, that is a sent one from God, you'll find out because you know true doctrine and you have found them out and found them to be liars. Log in to speed up the checkout process. They understood adversity because there was a riot. They were really the church that had the best beginning, the best foundation.

Nobody wanted to quit, you were willing to pay the price. Remember when you used to go to the hospital and call on the sick and the hurting? Well He means basically you are separated from such groups that are not spiritual and scriptural. The church was born with power.

The first one comes to the church at Ephesus. We've endured accusations.

B B King With Slash Quot The Thrill Is Gone Quot Amazing

The Thrill Is Gone

They did all the right things, they believed all the right things coldly. Whatever happened to the fire that was there?

Now the church at Ephesus was a tremendous church. He literally reached the entire area of Asia Minor.

Thrill Is Gone