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You don't have to enter the -I switch in the field, just the directories. That's using my version of the sticky footer.

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The space is held open by some padding on the header element otherwise it would overlap. Fifth, reconsider the whole idea of having the header breaking the document structure. You are now working on changes to one of these header files, absolutely free widowed dating sites and while you are working on it you have it stored in a local directory. That gives header a reference point.

Move the closing wrapper tag to after the footer, and immediately before the closing body tag. That's for print, not the web. Rethink either their widths, or the width of the wrapper. This list of directories does, by default, include your current directory.

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However some of the header files require updates. Their are other good reasons why you might need to closely control the include search path. In the list box for include files under Source directories multiple paths may be entered separated by a semicolon. Consider the following scenario.

If you want a fluid height header then you will need the technique shown in the quiz I linked to above which is pretty straight forward and explained in the quiz. Your list items are too wide for the wrapper, make them px wide.

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There is no positioned ancestor other than body for the header, and that won't work well. If you know how to do this with a product that's not listed here, send me a note containing the product name and version, and the instructions, and I will add it.