Virumandi Tamil Movie

Virumandi tamil movie

He was taken to Chennai and later to Singapore by his father Thavasi Thevar. Kamal Haasan, Shivaji Ganesan, Nassar. Regarding performances, pasupathy steals the show, along with Rohini. His only relation was his grandmother, who practices natural farming without artificial fertilizers and deep bore wells.

Its untrue to say Kurosawa's Roshomon had the same concept of that of Virumandi. Virumandi shows how much effort had Kamal Haasan put in. The story moves, as narrated by two convicted prisoners, posture confidence one being Virumandi Kamal who is about to be hanged and the other being Pasupathy. This movie is the best one in Tamil. Top Rated Tamil Action Movies.

Kottaisamy is then asked by Kothala to consummate his marriage immediately by raping Annalakshmi. He comes back to live with his paternal grandmother S. It falls short of a great movie on account of a poor climax and excessive violence.

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Virumandi tamil movie

Kamalahassan has proved a point with this village based script. Brilliant performances from Kamal Hassan and Pasupathy elevated the movie.

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Raaj Kamal Films International. The story adapts the screenplay from Akira Kurasowa's Rashomon in an entirely different style. Look at Virumandi - the way in which story being told with flawless screen play, powerful dialogues and aesthetic direction and utilising the technology to a fullest extent. As part of the penance, he wills all his land for the villagers.

He is sentenced to first six years in jail, followed by death by hanging. Annalakshmi finds him and admits him in the hospital to save his life. Kamal as usual gives his dose of a social message, in this case an opposing view on capital punishment. Annalakshmi asks him to marry her and leave the village.

The criminals express how they feel about the direction that their lives have taken and how they have ended up where they are. Direction by Kamal is first rate, with an interesting screen play. Each one of supporting actors have done a stunning job. Not a great movie, but definitely a good one.

Filmography Discography Unrealized projects Awards and honors. Ram Sudharsan Kamal Haasan. Watch Our Exclusive Interview. Especially the style of the movie was great-Depicted with two narrations this movie will just sweep you off your feet!

He goes to apologize single-handedly at night to Naicker's village, but Kothala and his men, thinking he has gone to take revenge, come in groups and hack down innocents to death, despite his pleas. Virumaandi lost his mother when he was four. He was whipped and exiled back to India. The Climax riots scenes were slightly adapted from Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus.

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Art work needs a real appreciation. After much resentment and objection, Virumaandi agrees to turn to tell his version to Angela. Its so far ahead of its time. Both Kamal Haasan and Keshav Prakash tried to make the film in high definition mode but had to abandon the project due to some technical snags.

Virumaandi saves all of them by his false testification so that he can marry Annalakshmi, but Kothala seemingly refused the marriage. This is really a story of one person, and should have been left like that - no need to add universally applicable messages. Thank you for submitting your review.

He has done meticulous work in sketching the plot and in small details of the village set. The film revolves around the controversy of the death penalty. Kamal Haasan, Sukanya, Poornam Vishwanathan. This is because all of them trafficks drugs into the prison, and this is now under investigation by Jayanth.

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Each had the story that was true and real to their soils and had just obvious similarities that can be between any two films. While leaving the jail, Angela's cameraman discreetly shoots a conversation between Peykkaman and other jail wardens and convicts to bump off Chief Jailer Jayanth Nassar. Kamal shines as an actor, director, producer, Lyricist, singer and lot of hidden work. Made for a very niche audience.

Finally, Angela says that she is doing a PhD against the death penalty, as her father, who got her married to James by great hard work, was forced to kill James to save her from marital abuse. When Virumaandi and Angela are about to leave the jail to outside police, Kothala stabs Virumaandi, proving that Virumaandi was true all the time. Though his acting is not his magnum opus, his direction and screen play skills shines through out the movie.

Kothala had a silent eye on the fertile land owned by Virumaandi, as it had the only rich underground water availability. Kothala and his men corner Naicker to hand over Virumaandi. He treats Virumaandi as his nephew.

She later escapes from him, comes home, tells what happened, and commits suicide by hanging herself. Again used in an excellent way. Excellent photography, background score. Upon hearing the news, a distraught Virumaandi enters Kothala's house to kill the gang.

Virumandi Tamil mp3 songs download

The way in which the story has been told is something amazing and very rarely you can see in Indian Cinema leave alone Tamil Cinema. Abirami has done her role well, adding a pinch of romance to the movie. Those who interested in making good cinema can learn a lot about film making from this movie. Gradually, she falls in love with him.

This is to ensure that Annalakshmi's share in property does not go to Virumaandi. No where is the violence been glorified or pushed in cheaply. The rivalry between castes, which is a highlight of South Indian politics, has been etched out neatly. The riot is stopped, and Angela presents the evidence in court.