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Honey Mitchell

Liam Butcher Morgan Jackson-King. In Aidan's search for the missing money, about laws he attacks Billy for standing up to him. Frances Taylor of Digital Spy revealed that Barton had reprised the role on a temporary basis.

Nobody knows Billie like me! They return him to his worried parents and the Jacksons eventually have a happy Christmas together, including Alan. He reminds me of Norman Wisdom. Billy does lie and keeps some of Jase's money, telling Honey he has donated it to charity.

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However, when the character's personality altered, the reception to his character improved. Tegs wants Jay to throw a brick through a window to finally be accepted into the gang but Jay refuses, his good side shows up and says she is a neighbour. Jay's father Jase is found by the football firm that are after him. Billy and Honey just complete their vows when Honey goes into labour. Billie is the only son of Carol and Alan Jackson and he arrives in Walford in along with his half brother Robbie and his half sisters Bianca and Sonia.

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Who is Jay Brown in EastEnders and will he end up dating Ruby Allen


After this, the Jackson family, apart from Bianca, are placed in a witness protection program and rehoused away from the Square for their own safety. Some of their experiences were depicted in these early episodes. However, felipe dating neither is it an unrealistic situation. The next day she tells him he should have done more to stop Ben.

He later confides in Shirley Carter that he was with Ben Mitchell on the day Lucy was killed, but he has only seen Ben twice since he was released from prison. Jay is skittish on seeing the footage and later burns the hat. Billy is against this and their relationship suffers as a result. His most prominent storylines include two failed marriages and having a daughter born with Down's syndrome.

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After that they offered me a year. After several days of investigation, the police trace Billie and he is reunited with his family. Billie and Blossom are unharmed, but another man is shot and killed and Billie, the only witness, gets a glimpse of the thieves without their masks on.

Honey has aspirations to become a model. Honey agrees to this and they move in the following day. Honey does so but on the condition they help Jay together, but they later catch him stealing their wedding fund from Janet's piggy bank, leading Honey to call the police.

  1. Jase Dyer tries to flee Walford when he double-crosses a football firm but Dawn stops their departure by setting a date for her and Jase's wedding.
  2. However Honey ends the engagement when she discovers that Jay has been drug dealing and that Billy knew about it.
  3. Billy does so, but when Honey discovers that Billy still has some of Jase's money, she decides that she can no longer trust him.
  4. Jay then becomes close to Phil Mitchell and he decies to adopt Jay and his name becomes Jay Mitchell.
  • Jay is arrested but released a day later.
  • His body is later taken away by undertakers.
  • Honey falls pregnant again and Will Mitchell is born.

Blaming himself, Billie announces his plan to join the army, but Carol is opposed to the idea until she discovers the gun came from Billie and tells him the army is the best place for him. Characters Present Characters. However, Billie is unmasked during the raid and it is revealed he used a water pistol. Storylines Jase Dyer tries to flee Walford when he double-crosses a football firm but Dawn stops their departure by setting a date for her and Jase's wedding.

EastEnders spoiler shows Billy Mitchell cheat on Honey

He pays for Billy to spend a few months in Canada with Honey and William. Bianca brings him back to Walford on his birthday, and he makes amends with Jack. Billy breaks into Ernie's home to confront him over the abuse, shaming Ernie into moving away. Billy is unable to raise their rent money and despite attempts to barricade themselves in the flat, Mrs.

EastEnders catch-up Billy and Honey split up over Tina

EastEnders spoilers Honey Mitchell discovers that Billy cheated on her
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Bianca Jackson Sonia Fowler. He's still the apple of his mother's eye but is he the angelic family man she wants him to be? They decide to take things slow, genesis dating with Honey moving in with Billy's cousin Ronnie Mitchell Samantha Womack and they decide to get engaged.

EastEnders - what time is it on TV Episode cast list and preview

She throws Billy out, only agreeing to take him back when Billy donates the money to charity. Unable to meet Nick's demands, Billy is forced to tell Jay the truth instead and Jay reacts in fury. Billy arranges for Petal to be baptised in case she does not survive, and after reading a heartfelt letter from Billy to Petal, Honey decides to keep her daughter after all. They start dating but agree to take the relationship slowly. EastEnders takes enormous care with its research and takes advice from experts in the given field.

Jay is later fostered by Billy, who is wracked with guilt for not saving Jase from the gang. Billy gets a job working for undertaker Les Coker Roger Sloman. Not realising this, best real dating site in Jay hails Billy a hero for trying to rescue his father.

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She breaks down and destroys Petal's nursery, admitting to Billy that she wants to put Petal up for adoption. The anxious parents struggles to cope and Honey stays with son William which prompted Billy to accuse Honey of favouring him over Janet who has Downs Syndrome. They rely on kindness of friends and relatives until the council rehouses them. Honey and Billy's first attempt at getting married in June ends in disaster when Honey is admitted to hospital, due to food poisoning.

Billy initially becomes involved in criminal scams with Phil and his brother Grant Ross Kemp. Tegs stabs Jay and is later arrested. Lauren slaps Abi and the pair fight over Steven's ashes causing them to scatter all over the bathroom floor.

Honey Mitchell

Who is Jay Brown in EastEnders and will he end up dating Ruby Allen

Fictional character from the British soap opera EastEnders. It is worth noting that EastEnders has received incredibly positive feedback from the Down's Syndrome Association following the first few episodes, whom we are continuing to work with very closely. At the party, Billie's friends bring lots of alcohol and his cousin, Lauren Branning Jacqueline Jossa brings a bottle of vodka, which Billie drinks in one go. By Henna Sharma For Mailonline.

However, he returns these saying he took them to be cleaned professionally, leading Billy to believe that Jay's behaviour is improving. Billy breaks down and confesses his cowardice to Honey, revealing that he kept some of Jase's money, allegedly to give to now orphaned Jay. Honey tells Billy she will take him back if he promises never to lie again. Jay accuses Dawn Swann of causing his father's death and goes into care to get away from her.

William seems stillborn at first but is resuscitated by medics. After a series of unfortunate events, the wedding would be scuppered. Abi is not pregnant but Jay thinks thinks their relationship is over, so kisses barmaid Kitty, witnessed by Dexter, who is Abi's cousin.

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